Asa Gray Award

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Asa Gray Award

Call for Nominations for 2015

The Asa Gray Award may be bestowed annually by the Society upon an individual for outstanding accomplishments pertinent to the goals of the Society. The awardee need not be a member of the Society. The awardee shall be recognized at the Annual Dinner and in Systematic Botany.

Previous recipients of the award have been Rogers McVaugh (1984), Arthur Cronquist (1985), Lincoln Constance (1986), Reed C. Rollins (1987), Charles B. Heiser (1988), Rupert C. Barneby (1989), Warren H. Wagner, Jr. (1990), Billie L. Turner (1991), Albert C. Smith (1992), Sherwin Carlquist (1993), Hugh H. Iltis (1994), Jerzy Rzedowski (1995), Peter Raven (1996), Daniel J. Crawford (1997), Ghillean Prance (1998), Tod Stuessey (1999), William T. Stearn (2000), Robert F. Thorne (2001), Natalie Uhl  (2002), Beryl B. Simpson (2003), John Beaman (2004), Grady Webster (2005), Pam and Doug Soltis (2006), Scott A. Mori (2007), William R. Anderson (2008), Alan Graham (2009), Harold E. Robinson (2010), Walter S. Judd (2011), Noel and Patricia Holmgren (2012), and Bruce Baldwin (2013).

ASPT members are encouraged to submit nominations for the 2015 Asa Gray Award, which will be presented at the 2015 Annual Meeting.  Nomination materials, including a letter of nomination, a fairly complete curriculum vitae for the nominee, and three or more supporting letters from others familiar with the nominee and his or her career, should be submitted as pdf files.

All nomination materials should be submitted electronically as pdf files to Erin Tripp at Deadline for receipt of all materials is March 1, 2015.


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