Plant Families of the Tropics Course - Leiden

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For whom? The course is aimed at MSc students in biology and environmental or life sciences, although we also accept BSc and PhD students, as well as externals. The course will be awarded with 5 EC and the grade will be determined by a final exam.

When and where?
January 6 – 24, 2014.  The course will run for three weeks from 9:00-17:00. Lectures and practicals will be given at Naturalis (National Herbarium of the Netherlands), Van Steenis Building, Einsteinweg 2, Leiden, The Netherlands. This location is c. 15 minutes walking distance from Leiden Central Station.

€ 25 (syllabus, entrance fees) for students at Dutch Universities.
€ 660 Euro for others (costs for accommodation and air fare are not included).

The teaching language is English throughout the course.

The course will end with an identification exam. The participants will be expected to identify c. 30 selected collections to the family level. All participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate of the Dutch Research School Production Ecology and Resource Conservation.

More information
For more information, please see: Course announcement (pdf)

How do I register?
Please send an email before December 16, 2013, to the secretariat
Mrs Hanneke de Wolf ()
or the course organizers:
Dr Daniel Thomas ();
Dr Marco Roos ().
For Leiden University students, in addition to sending an email, use USIS and enroll in Blackboard. Course details can be found at

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