Recipients for new 2013 ASPT awards

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The Honors and Awards committee is pleased to announce the 2013 recipients for ASPT's new awards for the 2013 Undergraduate Research Prize and 2013 Innovations in Plant Systematics Education Prize.

2013 Undergraduate Research Prize Awardees*

The URP is ASPT's new undergraduate research prize, where up to three ($300) prizes may be awarded each spring for an outstanding, independent research project in plant systematics (broadly interpreted) completed by an undergraduate student within the last 2 years.

Hanna E. Dorman - Mississippi State University. Research topic: 'Phylogeography of Acmispon dendroideus (Fabaceae) on the California Channel Islands tracked through variation in Nsp1.' Advisor: Dr. Lisa Wallace.

Anne Johnson - Duke University. Research topic: 'Unique expression of a sporophytic character on the gametophytes of notholaenid ferns (Pteridaceae).' Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Pryer.

Malorie Lipman - University of Florida. Research topic: 'Parental chromosome balance in naturally occurring trigenomic Tragopogon miscellus x T. mirus hybrid' Advisor: Dr. Douglas Soltis.

* the title of the awardees' most recent presentation or published paper is listed as their research topic, although the scope of their work may have been broader.


2013 Innovations in Plant Systematics Education Prize Awardee

The IPSEP is ASPT's new innovations in plant systematics education prize, where a $500 prize will be awarded to an educator who has developed novel and innovative resources for teaching plant systematics (broadly interpreted) to undergraduate and/or graduate students.

Bruce Kirchoff - University of North Carolina - Greensboro, for his innovative application of research in cognitive psychology to teaching plant identification with both active visual learning and online keys. For more on Bruce's work, see his web page.


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