George R. Cooley Award

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George R. Cooley Award for Best Contributed Paper in Plant Systematics - 2013

Each year the American Society of Plant Taxonomists recognizes an outstanding paper presentation by awarding the George R. Cooley Award to the presenter of a paper judged to be the best among those eligible. Candidates for the award must be 1) a graduate student or within five years of having received the Ph.D., 2) first author and presenter of the paper being judged, and 3) a member of ASPT at the time the abstract is submitted. Additionally, only one paper will be judged for any candidate.

1. A student should NOT sign up to be evaluated unless a solid presentation has been prepared (and that means practicing!).
2. There should be a substantial amount of data analysis and results presented (the award will not be given for a talk about work to be done).

For questions about eligibility, contact the chair of the ASPT Awards and Honors Committee:

Andrea Weeks
Chair ASPT Awards & Honors Committee
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia 22030, USA 
Tel: 703-993-3488


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