Database Associate - Denver Botanic Gardens

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Position Type: Full-time

Job Summary: Position will manage, update, and organize department’s collections databases (symbiota) and internal MySQL database and provide collections information and data to staff, public and for other applications. Oversee all digital initiatives. Key tasks include data entry, editing records, georeferencing, digital asset management, exporting data to support staff research, modify and develop new forms and auto-reports.  

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in collections management, botany, ecology, biology, or related field; and one to two years related experience and/or training. Information technology training and experience an asset. Knowledge of collections management is desirable. Previous experience in a lab, museum, library, archive, or comparable organization is preferred.  At least two years of experience working with relational databases, especially museum collections management databases as an administrator or registrar. Knowledge of MySQL databases required.  Must have strong planning and organizational skills, be a good problem-solver, be detail orientated, able to work independently or in a collaborative environment, proven ability to manage and meet multiple deadlines, maintain confidential information, and present a professional image in work attire and demeanor.

Send a cover letter and cv to Human Resources, Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York St., Denver CO 80206, or e-mail your cover letter and cv to . We are a nonprofit, EOE.

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