Collections Manager, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

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Position Title: Collections Manager (Curatorial Assistant III) 
Hours: Full time, Hourly Position

Position Summary
Manages day-to-day operation of the herbarium, including administration of the specimen label, image, and record keeping databases and herbarium’s computer network; coordinating and/or performing routine collection management (preparation of plant specimens for accessioning into herbarium, specimen filing, sending and receiving of loans, gifts, exchanges and other transactions, record keeping activity associated with specimen transactions and accessioning); training and supervision of Curatorial Interns, lower level Curatorial Assistants, graduate student Research Assistants, and volunteers; and associated record keeping activity.

Works with Director of Research to coordinate and execute special curatorial projects, including organizing, coordinating, and participating in field collecting and research activities; identification and labeling of field collections; and writing or assisting in the writing of technical reports, scientific publications, grant applications, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Coordinates and executes the capture of retrospective specimen label data and generation of specimen labels for backlog collections using herbarium database.
- Coordinates and executes the selection, preparation, and provision, whether digitally or by mail, of specimens for loans, gifts, exchanges, and other transactions.
- Coordinates and executes ordering supplies and equipment.
- Provides herbarium orientation and assistance to visiting researchers.
- Conducts tours of herbarium for visiting classes and other groups.
- Oversees training and supervision of lower level Curatorial Assistants, Curatorial Interns, and volunteers in herbarium.
- Coordinates and executes filing of recently mounted specimens and loan returns.
- Coordinates and executes mounting, repairing, and accessioning of herbarium specimens.
- Coordinates and executes all incoming specimen transactions such as loans, gifts, exchanges and other transactions.
- Maintains records of accessions and specimen transactions using FileMaker Pro database.
- Oversees the preparation and refilling of new genus folders.
- Coordinates and assists with periodic inspection of herbarium collections for insect pests and prepares associated reports.
- Participates in institutional, professional, societal, national, and international meetings, symposia, and workshops directly related to professional role at RSABG, as directed.
- With approval of the Director of Research, coordinates and participates in field collecting and research activities, independently and in association with other herbarium and garden staff, and with personnel from other institutions.
- Identifies field collections and generates specimen labels using herbarium database.
- With Director of Research, prepares proposals, and plans and implements projects to be undertaken with external support.
- Coordinates and executes special curatorial projects, independently and in association with other herbarium and garden staff, and with personnel from other institutions.
- Prepares reports and other documents as directed.
- Other duties as assigned.

- Master’s degree in botany, biology, or equivalent environmental science, and/or two years of experience in an active herbarium or similar museum or collection-oriented facility strongly preferred.
- Demonstrated understanding of basic taxonomic principles and characteristics of major plant families; working knowledge of California flora desirable.
- Strong communication skills (written and verbal), ability to type, and computer skills (word processing, databases, graphics) essential.
- Manual dexterity sufficient to prepare specimens neatly and quickly.
- Physical strength sufficient to safely lift and carry boxes of specimens and supplies (20-30+ lbs.).
- Ability and willingness to conduct fieldwork under a variety of environmental conditions desirable.
- Ability to follow instructions; work successfully with others and independently with minimal supervision critical.
- Supervisory experience preferred.

RSABG offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package.
Qualified candidates please email, fax or mail resume and letter of interest to:

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Attention: Human Resources 
1500 N College Avenue Claremont, CA 91711
Email: or Fax: (909) 626-3489 [Posted 15 October 2012]

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