Seed Conservation Program Manager

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Position Title: Seed Conservation Program Manager
Reports To: Director of Horticulture
Hours: Full Time, 40 Hours Week, Exempt Position

Position Summary
The Seed Conservation Program Manager serves as curator of the seed collections in support of the organization’s programs in horticulture, conservation, and research; is responsible for coordinating and directing Seed Conservation Program daily operations; prepares the program operating budget; manages the Garden’s Index Seminum Program and is responsible for the distribution of seed as well as plant tissue samples from the Living Collection; develops, coordinates, and/or conducts seed-related activities and contractual agreements that enhance the organization’s role and contribution in conservation, horticulture, and public education; and fosters mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with other botanic institutions, government regulatory and land management agencies, conservation and local community organizations, and private industry.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Direct, coordinate, and accomplish the cleaning, testing, packaging and storage of all seed collections in accordance with current best practices. Order necessary supplies and schedule necessary repairs and/or maintenance of Seed Bank equipment. In conjunction with supervisor, prepare and adhere to annual budget.
- Maintain BG-BASE computer data records and files for all seed accessions. With the assistance of the Plant Records Manager and the Garden’s Webmaster, produce annual institutional seed list and publish the Index Seminum on the RSABG webpage.
- Process requests and distribute seed and tissue samples from the Garden’s Seed Bank and Living Collection.
- Advance a connection between the Seed Conservation Program and retail nursery operations, locating and obtaining wild collected local genotype seed for use in production of retail plants.
- Train, direct, and oversee organizational volunteers, interns, and students in accomplishing Seed Conservation Program activities.
- Initiate projects and activities that maintain and/or improve the quality and usefulness of the seed collection and that increase current understanding of seed processing, storage, and germination techniques. Provide advice and assistance on seed-related activities as required by RSABG staff and students.
- Prepare written proposals and contracts for seed collection, storage, and consulting projects. Is responsible for scheduling, budgeting, monitoring and report writing as required for the implementation of contract agreements.
- Participates in or leads seed collecting efforts for the living collection, in collaboration with the curator of the living collection and/or Director of Horticulture.
- Obtain seed from the living collection for use in propagation for plant sales.
- Present talks, classes, and tours of the Seed Bank facilities.
- Work cooperatively with other RSABG program managers.
- Participate in other appropriate RSABG activities as required.

- Bachelor’s degree in botany, biology, horticulture, or related science and/or related practical work experience.
- Masters degree in seed biology, physiology or ecology preferred.
- Working knowledge of the California flora, basic taxonomic principles, characteristics of major plant families, and field work experience desirable.
- Ability to type and basic computer skills essential.
- Good communication skills and willingness to work cooperatively and collaboratively with other department staff, volunteers, students and associates outside the institution.
- Physical stamina and agility to conduct field work.
- Ability to effectively train, supervise, motivate, and coordinate the work of students, volunteers, and interns.
- Must possess a California State Driver’s License. [Posted 31 July 2012]

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