Systematic Botany Editor in Chief

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The American Society of Plant Taxonomists is searching for a new Editor in Chief for Systematic Botany. We are seeking an individual with broad experience in plant systematics who is interested in leading the excellent Systematic Botany editorial team. The Editor in Chief, a non-voting member of the ASPT Council, is responsible for the editorial policy, editing, and timely publication of this official publication of the Society. The Editor of Systematic Botany chairs the Editorial Committee of Systematic Botany, which consists of the Managing Editor, Associate Editors (currently 17), Book Review Editor, and Nomenclature Editor. The Editor in Chief serves, ex officio, on the Editorial Committees of Systematic Botany Monographs and the ASPT Newsletter. The Editor in Chief serves a four year term, which begins 1 January 2013.

Scientific publishing is a fascinating and dynamic business in which not-for-profit professional society publishers like ASPT have an especially important role. Electronic publication, online before print, open access, and consortium publishing (e.g., BioOne) are just some of the issues that publishers are confronting today. As Editor in Chief you will have the opportunity to not only lead Systematic Botany, but also contribute to these and other important issues facing academic publishers.

For more information contact Patrick Herendeen, Chair of the ASPT Publications Committee. Interested parties may also contact Tom Ranker with specific questions about the position ().

Patrick S. Herendeen
Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL 60022
Phone: 847-835-6956
[Posted 2 April 2012]

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